All businesses require some form of shelving. Whether it's light or heavy duty, new or used, BRS can provide you with the shelving solution to suit your needs. We offer most leading brands and can install and/or relocate your shelving.


Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving is suitable for storage of a wide range of non-palletised goods of all shapes and sizes, including box storage, archive shelving and retail displays. It is a basic shelf system that can be easily adjusted and can be fitted with a variety of shelf types such as steel, particle board or mesh decks.



Rolled Post Shelving

Rolled Post Shelving is designed for versatility and can be easily installed and modified. This type of shelving is suitable for virtually any application where strong, reliable shelving is required. The design allows for easy shelf adjustment, giving you the freedom of putting the shelves exactly where you want them.  Individual bays of shelving can be easily extended to make continuous ‘runs’ of bays and can also be configured back-to-back, where the bays of shelving share a common back panel. This is the most cost effective method of installing this type of shelving.  The rolled post upright increases panel strength and also gives this type of shelving a more professional, cosmetic finish.



Mobile Shelving / Compactus Units

Mobile Shelving / Compactus Units can increase your storage space by as much as 50% and can be custom made to fit your floor space.   These expanding systems have movable racks of shelving with a choice of shelving options.  You can choose from self-based units, which are quick to install, easy to move, easy to relocate or reconfigure, or fixed track units, which are embedded into the floor. 








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